The experience and knowledge that has been passed on to us  is “Invaluable”. 

Access Partitions is a newly founded company with extensive knowledge and history in commercial office fit out/interiors Industry.
Over the past several years we found in this industry, “Builders” were finding that partitioning company’s were lacking a certain standard when it came to the Dry/Glass and Aluminium partitions installations.   The partitioning mobs either delivered average quality work, yet very poor time management, or, vice versa, or poor in both deliveries.
Over the last several years we have been able to build a partitioning team that is second to none.  The experience and knowledge that has been passed on to us  is “Invaluable”.   The structure and solid foundations for any business/trade that excels in excellence, high standards, and superior work ethics is the Experience and Knowledge passed on, hence we stem from a background of reputable businesses such as C-mac, Inoffice and Dominos.

Knowledge and High Quality workmanship past down from such mentors as Ray & Stu Rika, and Daryl Avery.   These tradesmen produced some of the most prestigious jobs in and around Melbourne for some of the highest quality builders; an attribute we pride ourselves on.
To further improve our understanding of Time Management in the building game, we delved into management, spending some years in site and project management positions with one of Melbourne’s leading commercial builders.

Here we learned and understood what the real issues were, in the background, regarding the Builder, Client, Architect Contractors, Suppliers, on-site teams and management, including building management to ensure working effectively within stringent timeframes and enabling a process of greater awareness on running programs smoothly.
With this understanding, knowledge and experience we bring to the fore Access Partitions.   A partitioning company that builders can rely on to complete the job with high quality workmanship and within expected time frames, which is evident in Access Partitions’ culture.