Welcoming 2018

Welcoming 2018!

For us at Access Partitions’ every year is an opportunity to learn, grow and inspire. Last year we finalised our business name, reconnected with business colleagues, built a solid foundation for our company to move forward toward greater possibilities.

We are truly grateful for the trust and support of you, our builders, customers, partners and friends who have worked with us throughout last year.
Thank you!

Fit-Out Specialists

What Makes Access Partitions a key player in its field?


1. Co-Creation – A shared reality of expectations between Builder(s), Client(s),
Access Partitions’ Employees, Contractors & Suppliers.

2. Communication – Access Partitions maintain effective communication with our clients in order to uphold consistent, strong and supportive relationships.

3. Commitment – Quality workmanship, Working within stringent time frames and focusing on each job at hand.